December 2022 Newsletter: What’s next for drivers in 2023?

Raises, Benefits, and Launching a Movement: What Independent Drivers Guild Members Accomplished in 2022 

For every challenge drivers faced this year, it was our unity and solidarity that allowed us to overcome the odds and win major victories. Across the country, Independent Drivers Guild members were unstoppable in 2022

IDG won massive wage increases in New York – and even in the face of Uber’s recent lawsuit trying to stop this crucial progress, we won’t back down. Our driver coalition in Massachusetts organized thousands of drivers and defeated an anti-worker Uber and Lyft ballot measure. Connecticut IDG members won bathrooms at Bradley Airport, and Illinois IDG drivers pushed for bathroom improvements at O’Hare Airport. In New Jersey and elsewhere, IDG got hundreds of hardworking drivers back on the road after unfair deactivation. And New York and Illinois members helped launch the Justice for App Workers national movement, uniting rideshare and delivery workers to win rights, benefits, and protections. 

What an incredible year! See our many accomplishments this year and share what we’ve won by sticking together. 

After 2022 Victories, Next Year is Full of Possibilities for Drivers

After all our 2022 victories, the future looks bright for IDG members. In the new year, we are prepared to move forward with legislation that improves our rights as drivers. We will also continue pushing for concrete changes to our day-to-day work including wage increases across the country, greater safety protections, clearer paths to reactivation for good drivers, improved bathroom access, and more! Our fight continues, and our movement is only growing. Let’s stay united to win a union for drivers in 2023! 

Illinois IDG Plans to Make Noise at O’Hare Airport for Higher Wages, Safety, Bathroom Access, and More!

Illinois IDG drivers are coming together with Justice for App Workers to tell the app companies we won’t take it anymore! On Tuesday, December 27 from 7-9pm, we’ll be protesting and not giving any rides from O’Hare Airport. We’re making less money than ever. We’re not safe on the job. We’re being unfairly deactivated from our accounts. And drivers don’t even have access to proper bathrooms at O’Hare. Enough is enough. If you drive in Illinois, join us and RSVP HERE!

Massachusetts IDG Drivers Have Had Enough of Poverty Wages and Want a Union!

In Massachusetts, IDG drivers are fed up with app companies that exploit drivers to maximize profits. So yesterday, rideshare and delivery drivers from across the state came together to demand our policymakers hold these companies accountable for profiting off of poverty wages, lack of benefits, and arbitrary deactivation policies. With our powerful caravan to the Massachusetts State House, we let Uber and Lyft know that they cannot continue to treat us as disposable.

Only 1,000 Signatures Away! Sign Our Petition Calling for New York Drivers to be Exempt from the Unfair Congestion Tax

New York’s proposed congestion pricing plan would devastate our industry, increasing the cost of taking an Uber or Lyft. It would have serious implications for drivers’ jobs, hours, and earnings — and prevent many New Yorkers from using these much-needed transportation options. We need to speak out now to protect our livelihoods and make sure rideshare drivers are completely exempt from a second congestion tax! We are so close to reaching our goal of 10,000 signatures. Sign on now and let’s exempt rideshare drivers from congestion pricing once and for all!

Driver Spotlight: Meet Massachusetts IDG Member Ehab Hilali

Ehab Hilali joined the Massachusetts Independent Drivers Guild because he was tired of being treated unfairly by the app companies. Hilali is ready for rideshare drivers to have a union and says the time is now. “If the teachers do it, if the Starbucks workers do it, if the Amazon workers do it…we are the drivers, we have to do it! If we don’t do it for ourselves, no one is going to do it for us. We’ve got to stand up for our job. This is our living. This is where we get our money and put food on the table for our kids and pay for rent for our house. Standing on the side of the street is not acceptable. No more!”

How are we going to win a union? “We have to work together. We have to do actions, rally, protest, organize, you name it! Enough is enough.” Are you prepared to fight with IDG to win the raises, benefits, and protections you deserve in 2023? We hope you take inspiration from Hilali’s call to action!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Independent Drivers Guild! 
As drivers, we understand that continuous holiday travel can make this time one of the busiest for Uber and Lyft workers. Make sure to stay safe on the roads. Warmest wishes for a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year to our IDG family! May this time bring you good cheer and health throughout the coming year.

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