August 2022 Newsletter: Uber Has More Money Than Ever. So We Are Fighting Back!

Uber Has More Money Than Ever. So We Are Fighting Back!

After a stellar earnings report, it’s been revealed that Uber’s revenue in the first three months of 2022 was up 136 percent from last year. Lyft also reported record earnings. What does that mean for us? Uber and Lyft have NO EXCUSE for paying us poverty wages. We already know that when we stand together, we can win. That’s why we won’t stop protesting, rallying, and demanding more of our politicians until we have won the changes we need to support drivers!

As part of that fight, the Massachusetts Independent Drivers Guild just held a driver caravan to the State House, demanding that the state government grant drivers the right to form a union. Our brothers and sisters in Boston sent a powerful message to lawmakers and the app companies with their display of driver power. Together, we will ensure thousands of drivers have a voice on the job. Congratulations MA IDG! Share the great photos from the event here!

Thank You for Sharing Your Voices: Drivers are Not Making Enough but the Independent Drivers Guild is Sticking Together

IDG members! Thank you for taking the IDG Driver Survey. More than 1,000 of you responded, helping us gather the stories we need to call out Uber and Lyft for their lacking pay and benefits. The results are stunning. Over 90% of IDG drivers surveyed said they do not make enough money to survive. And almost 90% surveyed also said they struggled to pay their monthly bills. This kind of treatment from app companies cannot continue. IDG drivers have already made so much progress to change this industry – and when times get tough, we stick together. We won’t stop fighting until we win the higher pay and benefits we deserve. 

20,000 App Workers Strong, Illinois Drivers and Delivery Workers Join Justice for App Workers Coalition 

On August 14, IDG was part of history in the making! 20,000 Illinois rideshare and delivery workers represented under seven grassroots organizing groups – including IDG Illinois – came together to officially announce that they have formed a united front to take on the app companies. 

They joined the already 100,000-worker strong Justice for App Workers movement that has quickly gained momentum since kicking off in New York earlier this year. The new Illinois coalition brings delivery workers for apps like DoorDash and GrubHub together with rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft for the first time ever in Illinois. Read all about it and stay tuned for what’s next!

Driver Spotlight: Meet Illinois IDG Member David Crane

David has been driving with Uber for 6 years. He drives 250-350 miles a day, which means 12-16 hours without breaks. David has even driven 10 days in a row before. Like many drivers, he’s seen wages drop significantly since COVID began – he keeps having to increase his hours to make the same amount of money. Crane says that 2 years ago, it would’ve cost $27 to fill up his tank. Now it’s upwards of $85 for a full tank of gas and he fills it up sometimes twice a day.
“No one should be treated the way we’re treated, especially when we’re driving our cars and ourselves into the ground for such little pay we’re currently being offered, and these CEOs, executives, and shareholders are reaping the benefits.”
“I was also promised $150 from when a rider vomited and urinated in my vehicle. Uber says they’ve paid it out. This happened Friday, August 5th. Still no payment.” Crane says he wants the company lies to end and for drivers’ issues to finally be taken seriously. “We need a union. That’s why I’m proud to be part of IDG. Fighting back is the only way we’re going to win against Uber and Lyft.”

Save the Date: Don’t Miss IDG Summer Fun in Your State!

We know how hard drivers work year-round. That’s why the Independent Drivers Guild is excited to bring some relaxation to drivers and your families with our annual summer celebrations. Come down for a day of fun and great food! Thank you to all the drivers and families who turned out for Chicago GigFest in Illinois. Check below for dates and locations for the festivities that are still to come in your IDG state.

New York IDG: We are proud to co-host our IDG Family Day with Justice for App Workers!
Date: Saturday, August 20th 
Location: Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NY

Connecticut IDG: Driver Appreciation Day!

Date: Saturday, August 20th
Location: Edgewood Park in New Haven, CT

Massachusetts IDG: Driver Appreciation Lunch!

Date: Tuesday, August 23
Location: Sullivan’s Castle Island

New Jersey IDG: Save the Date!

Date: Saturday, September 10th  
Location: Weequahic Park in Elizabeth, NJ

RSVP link coming soon!

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